April 14, 2009

US Al-Qaeda member urges support for jihadists

Mon Apr 13, 1:41 am ET

AFP/SITE Intelligence Group/File – A SITE Intelligence Group photo shows Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden giving an audio message in March. … WASHINGTON (AFP) – An American Al-Qaeda member has urged followers to step up assistance to suicide bombers and other radical fighters, arguing that the West "has begun to stagger," a group monitoring Al-Qaeda said.
Adam Gadahn, an American member of Al-Qaeda, made the appeal in a new video titled "How to Prevent a Repeat of the Gaza Holocaust," which was released on jihadist forums on Sunday, SITE Intelligence Group said.

The video contains excerpts from speeches from other Al-Qaeda leaders, including Osama bin Laden, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid and Abu Yahya al-Libi, the group noted.
In a reference to the economic crisis, Gadahn said that "the enemy, under the leadership of the unbelieving West, has begun to stagger and falter, and the results of his unabated bleeding have begun to show on his economies, which are on the brink of failure."
He attributes the crisis to "the grace of Allah, and then, the huge sacrifices of your sons, the mujahideen, who are eager for you to stand by their side and reinforce them with money and men."

Gadahn dismisses efforts by the administration of US President Barack Obama to mend fences with the Muslim world, arguing that nothing in the US approach has changed since the presidency of George W. Bush.
"America is ruled by a political, economic, social, and cultural entity, which carries in its folds hostility to many of the world's weak and oppressed, among them, Muslims," Gadahn argues.
"As for the propaganda that accompanied Obama's election, and which said that he will take an approach different than that of his predecessor, Bush, it is nothing more than a continuation of the policy of methodological disinformation followed by American politicians yesterday and today," he said.