June 12, 2009

The Sociology of Jihad

ABSTRACT: Salafism is an Islamic system of belief which states that the glory and grandeur of Islam took place during its Golden Age when the Prophet Mohammed and his companions practiced it. Islam subsequently became decadent and strayed from its righteous path, which sapped the strength of the righteous Umma and led to the rise of the West and its beliefs, at the expense of Islam. During the Golden Age the ancient ones achieved perfection through Islam. All this was possible because those who established Islam in the form of a state, a system of laws and regulations, first established it in their hearts in the form of faith, character, worship and human relationships. This state of perfection pleased God (Qutb, N.D. 21).

Published on The Counter Terrorist Magazine, July/August 2008, reproduced here by our Zeekeet Member, John Andrews (click to see profile).

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