September 29, 2009


September 25, 2009No. 2563

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Ayatollah Jannati In Iran Friday Sermon: Qods Day Rallies Message To U.S., Israel: The World Hates You

In his Friday sermon today, Tehran Friday Prayers leader Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati pointed out that the Last Messenger and 12 Shiite Imams had opposed oppression, and that the International Qods (Jerusalem) Day rallies indicated a global conscience against oppression. "A Qods Day rally is different from other rallies, such as the 22nd of Bahaman rally (marking the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran), because it is international, while other rallies have their roots in religion and nationalism," Ayatollah Jannati said. Tehran Friday prayers leader praised this year's Qods Day rally and said people from other faiths other than Islam participated the rallies as well. Ayatollah Jannati added, "This year, the Qods Day rallies were more glorious than ever. It has a message for Israel and the U.S. - and that message is 'The world hates them'" Ayatollah Jannati added.Ayatollah Jannati pointed out that the Last Messenger and 12 Shi'iteImams had been against oppression, and that the international Qods Day rallies pointed to a global conscience against oppression. "The U.S. and Israel are the manifestations of oppression in the world. If there were no Qods Day rallies, Israel would feel better and the Palestinians worse than they do today," Ayatollah Jannati said.

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