October 07, 2009

Air passengers face full body X-rays after suicide bombers hide devices INSIDE their bodies

By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 6:58 PM on 06th October 2009

What lies beneath: A full body scan (file photo). Travellers to Europe face having to undergo such scans under security measures expected to be announced by France's Interior Ministry

Travellers to Europe face being treated like drug smugglers as security chiefs are expected to recommend new intrusive security measures.

French anti-terror chiefs are expected to propose the new measures, such as full body X-rays or handing in all electronic devices, after a terrorist tried to kill a Saudi prince with a bomb he had inserted into his body.

Al Qaeda's latest ploy was first pioneered by Abdullah Hassan al Asiri, who blew himself apart in Jeddah in late August in an attack on Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the Saudi anti-terrorism chief.

The 23-year-old terrorist blew himself into 70 pieces when he detonated the bomb - inserted into his rectum - with a mobile phone.

His body was said to have absorbed some of the impact of the explosion, however, leaving the prince only slightly injured.

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