March 19, 2010

What America Needs to Know About EMPs

In her article "The Boogeyman Bomb," Sharon Weinberger makes several allegations about the threat of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, and a congressional commission set up to investigate it, that require correction.

By way of background, a nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude will produce an electromagnetic pulse that can damage and destroy electronic systems over vast regions of the Earth's surface. A single nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 400 kilometers over the United States would project an EMP field over the entire country, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. Mother Nature can also pose an EMP threat by means of a solar flare that causes a geomagnetic storm.


Peter Vincent Pry served on the staffs of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, and the Central Intelligence Agency. He currently is director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum and president of EMPACT America.

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What America Needs to Know About EMPs