April 26, 2010


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April 2010
Report #1 in a New NEFA Series, “Connecting the Dots”: “America’s First al-Qaida Fighters”
In a new series of short reports titled “Connecting the Dots,” NEFA analysts touch on a wide range of subjects concerning various aspects of terrorism. When vital information is treated as historical, it can lose its impact relating to current events. Reflection and re-evaluating documents, articles, and interviews can be a very valuable exercise in terms of identifying patterns, recognizing relationships, and connecting circumstances.
In this first report, we revisit the fact that a handful of American Muslims were involved in the founding of al-Qaida as they were recruited a few months before al-Qaida was formed in Bin Ladin's al-Masada (the Lions Den) camp in eastern Afghanistan. 


Report #2 in a New NEFA Series, "Connecting the Dots" : "Operation Gibraltar: A Foiled Al-Qaida Plot Against NATO Ships"

The NEFA Foundation has released a report titled "Operation Gibraltar: A Foiled Al-Qaida Plot Against NATO Ships", the second installment in NEFA's "Connecting the Dots" series.
After 9/11, one of Al-Qaida's first significant conspiracies was to plan an attack on American and British naval ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. High level Al-Qaida planners were involved in the execution of the plot, as Abd al-Rahim Hussein Mohammed al-Nashiri, who was also the brains behind the suicide attack on the USS Cole, originated the plan.
The Al-Qaida planning cell, which was sent to Morocco to prepare the attack, was well prepared and able to assimilate into local society. The plotters were also operating with effective covers, but when Moroccan authorities were tipped off by the CIA, they were able to dismantle the plot at a critical juncture. (Read Report Here)


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