June 14, 2010

Indonesia: Islamic groups call for end to anti-terrorism squad



Jakarta, 12 June (AKI/Jakarta Post) - Islamic groups in Indonesia are demanding the dissolution of the country's counter terrorism squad. Around 200 people gathered to protest against the squad outside the national police headquarters in South Jakarta on Friday.
The protesters from the Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid and the Islamic Community Forum said the anti-terror squad, better known as Densus 88, had often killed innocent people in their crackdown on terrorist suspects.
"For example, a dead body they call as a terrorist suspect has remained unidentified until today. This proves that the Densus 88 tends to shoot at anybody they don't like without sufficient evidence. They are more barbaric than infidels," a protester said.
He was referring to one of three terror suspects who were shot dead in Jakarta by anti-terror police last month. So far the police have yet to confirm the identity of the dead man.

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