September 27, 2010

JİTEM operatives paid TL 3,000 per dead terrorist

A retired colonel who is facing trial in the Ergenekon case has admitted that he was the founder of an illegal unit inside the gendarmerie known as JİTEM and has said that JİTEM operatives were paid the equivalent of TL 3,000 for each Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist they killed.

Retired Col. Arif Doğan came into the spotlight last week when an anonymous poster uploaded various voice recordings featuring his voice to a website, a fact Doğan acknowledged in an interview with the HaberTürk daily published yesterday. In the voice recording the retired colonel explains the workings of JİTEM in detail and admits that JİTEM was responsible for various acts of violence, including assassinations, killings beyond Turkey's borders and pogroms against Turkey's Alevi citizens.
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