May 28, 2011

Garbouj tiptoes back on the scene

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N° 97305/26/2011
Former bosses of Tunisian telecommunications companies are turning their hands to new ventures. The ex deputy managing director of Orange Tunisie, Mohamed Garbouj, has struck out on his own. He recently founded CMG Consulting, a consultancy in the marketing branch. A few weeks back, it was Montassar Ouaili, former telecoms minister and ex-CEO ofTunisie Telecom, who founded a firm modestly named Montassar Quaili International Consulting.

Garbouj spent most of his earlier career with the Internet service provider Planet, serving as deputy managing director. The company was set up by Marouane Mabrouk and his wife Cyrine, daughter of disgraced ex-president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. He equally headed Divona, a partnership between Planet and Monaco Telecom specializing in Wimax wireless Internet connections.
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