May 27, 2011

SOMALIA: Six foreigners detained

Posted on Thursday 26 May 2011 - 10:38
Abdirashid Abdi Diis, AfricaNews reporter in Nairobi, Kenya
Somali security forces at an airport in Mogadishu detained two airplanes along with their six passengers on Tuesday following a suspicion raised by airport security officers over the act of exchanging heavy luggage between the two aircrafts that landed in the capital, according to a government official.
Interior minister Abdishakur Farah Hassan said that during the inspection the security forces
discovered about US$3.6 million, according to the VOA. He said the planes had requested special
permission to land in Mogadishu.
All six passengers were said to be foreigners, where three of the suspects arrested are British, two
are Kenyans and one American, the reports added. Farah told Somali VOA Service that the security
forces will conduct further investigations on the issue.

Farah reported that the money has been placed in the Central Somalia Bank until further notice.
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