November 28, 2011

Government Mulls GCHQ as Cyber Security Hub in UK

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26 November, 2011  uk government cyber security cyber attack gchq
On Friday government revealed the new cyber security strategy, according to which GCHQ, the intelligence agency of UK, is the "main port of call" for those businesses which are dealing with cyber attacks.
The Cheltenham-based GCHQ agency will receive huge amount of fund for its larger contribution to UK's cyber-defence, as announced by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude in the The UK Cyber Security Strategy [PDF].
Under the new strategy a cyber security "hub" will be set up and GCHQ will play a key role in this hub. The "hub" will be a brokerage for public as well as private sectors for exchanging information about various cyber threats and also newer technologies.
The aim of government is to convert UK into one of the safest places to conduct business along with tackling cyber crime and also cyber-espionage as a whole, Maude stated.

The latest strategy document finally got released after being delayed twice and is the replacement of the two-year old strategy. Under the new strategy £650 million will be allocated for establishing a National Cyber Security Programme.
The strategy document states "Around half of the £650m funding will go towards enhancing the UK's core capability, based mainly at GCHQ at Cheltenham, to detect and counter cyberattacks."
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