January 10, 2012

Leadership Change Divides al-Shabaab

Terrorism Africa News   09 Jan 2012
Reports out of southern Somalia are pointing to a division within the Somalian terrorist group al-Shabaab.  Moallim Jinwa was fired as the al-Qaeda linked terrorist group’s military leader on the weekend.  His sacking has caused much confusion and movement of troops over the last couple of days.
Troops loyal to Jinwa have begun arriving in his home village of Ramcadey in the Bay region of Dinsor district.  More than a 1000 al-Shabaab troops and their vehicles have wheeled into the village in the last 48 hours.
On Saturday, according to Somalia Report, 200 al-Shabaab militants left Ramcadey.  The new arrivals are setting up a camp on the outskirts of town.  Most of these Jinwa loyalists have arrived from Gedo and Bakol on the front lines of battle with Kenyan troops.  The report goes on to state that al-Shabaab troops have been dispatched to put down the rebellion.
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