February 05, 2012

Sabotage Groups Attack Syria's Embassies in Cairo, Kuwait, Amman, Athens and London

Feb 04, 2012 CAPITALS, (SANA - Syrian news agency) 
– A group of saboteurs affiliated to the so-called Istanbul Council on Saturday
dawn attacked the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, destroyed, burnt and stole the embassy's 
The Information Office at the Embassy said that the sabotage group exploited 
the weak security protection provided by the Egyptian forces to the Embassy 
to commit its crime.
It added that the attack resulted in great damages to the contents and 
consulate documents inside the building.
Egyptian citizens who live in the neighborhood stressed that the saboteurs 
were carrying gasoline containers, firearms and sharp instruments.
Last Friday, another sabotage group stormed the Syrian Embassy but no 
measures have been taken by the Egyptian authorities.
In Kuwait, a group of saboteurs stormed the Syrian Embassy in the country, 
destroyed its contents and attacked the resident employees of the Embassy.
SANA correspondent said that the Kuwaiti security forces imposed a security 
cordon around the Embassy and seized the identity cards of people there.
Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Expresses Condemnation of the Attack on Syria's 
The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry expressed in a statement regret and 
condemnation of the attack on the Syrian Embassy in Kuwait.
The statement said that this act "constitutes a transgression of the 
country's laws and legislations and a flagrant violation of the 
international norms and conventions."
Kuwait's Interior Ministry earlier expressed in a statement regret over the 
attack, considering it "a violation of the country's legislations and laws 
and of the international agreements and conventions that protect the 
embassies' headquarters and the diplomatic missions' members that shouldn't 
be exposed to any threats or such acts of sabotage."
Earlier, Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Sheikh Ahmad 
al-Hamoud al-Sabah visited the headquarters of the attacked Syrian Embassy 
and gave is directives to enforce law and prevent disorder.
Syrian Embassy in Kuwait Describes the Attack as "Coward", Calls on Kuwaiti 
Authorities to Protect Syrian Mission
The Syrian Embassy in Kuwait described the attack on its headquarters as 
"coward" and "incompatible with the calls for freedom, democracy and the 
peacefulness of demonstrations they claim."
A statement by Embassy said that its headquarters and the residence came on 
Saturday morning under a vicious attack by a group of hundred saboteurs who 
stormed into the residence and the mission's offices, smashed the Embassy's 
doors and wreaked havoc in the offices' contents and the documents of the 
official mission. 
"While trying to prevent the saboteurs from breaking into the residence, a 
major and a member from the Kuwaiti security forces got injured," the 
statement pointed out, adding this "coward attack contradicts the rules and 
laws followed in the brotherly country of Kuwait.
The Syrian Embassy expressed strong condemnation and denunciation of this 
criminal aggression against an official headquarters that provides service 
to all members of the Syrian community in Kuwait.
The statement called on the brotherly Kuwaiti authorities to assume their 
responsibilities in protecting the security and safety of the Syrian 
diplomatic mission and holding the attackers accountable according to Vienna 
Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
Meanwhile, another sabotage group affiliated to the so-called Istanbul 
council tried to break into the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in the 
Jordanian capital, Amman, amid intensive Jordanian security presence which 
foiled their attempt.
The Syrian Embassy in the Greek capital of Athens was also stormed by a 
group of saboteurs early Saturday morning.
The outer fence of the embassy was attacked and the consular section was 
The Greek security forces said they arrested 14 of the saboteurs while 
others fled away, pointing out that some of those arrested are not Syrians 
but from other nationalities.
Syrian Embassy in London: Attack on Embassy Coincided with Material 
Broadcast by al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya and Istanbul Council Statements
The Syrian Embassy in London said that the attack on the Embassy which took 
place on Saturday morning coincided with material broadcast by al-Jazeera 
and al-Arabiya channels and the statements of Istanbul Council member Samir 
Nashar that there are intentions to break into Syrian embassies across the 
In a statement, the Embassy said that three saboteurs broke into the front 
balcony of the Embassy's first floor and entered the main building, breaking 
front windows, damaging furniture and equipment in two offices, and spraying 
paint on the Embassy's facade.
The statement added that a group of extremists started hostile 
demonstrations in front of the Embassy later while its staff was present and 
tried to break in, but the British police managed to stop them.
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