April 02, 2012

Al-Shabaab attacks pro-TFG base in El-Bur town

Published On: Monday, April, 02 2012 - 14:06:14

Al-Shabaab militant fighters on Sunday night raided a military base used by pro-TFG militias in central Somalia town of El-Bur town, Galgadud region, officials say.
Heavily armed militants stormed the base mid-night before they were repelled, according to Abdiweli Siyad, Ahlu Sunna official tasked with coordination of the group’s warfare activities in the region.
Siyad said their fighters managed to defend the base from the militant fighters, adding that they killed two Al-Shabaab fighters during the incident. But there were no independent sources to confirm Ahlu Sunna’s claim.

Reports say Al-Shabaab fired several mortars into the town before conducting a full scale attack on Ahlu Sunna military base in the area. There were no reports of casualties or damages resulting from the rebel fired mortars.
Siyad said his militias have now started conducting operations aimed at securing the town and its environs, adding that they are planning to attack rebel held El-Der town very soon.
Al-Shabaab’s recent attack on El-Bur is said to be the first assault on the town since it was forced out of it late last month.
Ethiopian troops and the pro-TFG Ahlu Sunna militias took control of the town a week ago after rebel fighters emptied it before the arrival of the allied forces who have taken it without a fight.
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