July 02, 2012

Defending Critical Information Infrastructure

Cyber security threats will continue to grow in 2012: there will not only be a record number of attacks this year, but these attacks will also evince an unprecedented sophistication as both the targets and attack vectors diversify. As the use of information and communications technologies continue to grow at an astonishing pace on the African continent, the concomitant security threats grow apace. Additionally, cyberwar is clearly no longer mere science fiction, as Stuxnet and the wider Iranian-Israeli cyber conflict amply demonstrates. It is thus clearly time to review and strengthen our individual and collective cyber security.
Cyber Defence & Network Security Africa, taking place 16-19 July in Johannesburg, is part of a global series of cyber security and information warfare events that IQPC organizes in Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, London, Brussels, Washington DC and elsewhere.
Like our global series of events, Cyber Defence & Network Security Africa will focus on cyber security and network defence for key areas of national security. The event’s official theme is “defending critical information infrastructure”, and this includes government services and websites, the military, financial institutions, utilities, oil & gas, logistical hubs (ports and airports), and other economically critical industries. Representatives from government, military and private firms critical to national security will be speaking about their primary concerns for their networks over the medium term, and what steps they are taking to secure their systems against the evolving cyber threat.
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Invited speakers include:
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