January 17, 2015

Hackers Wage ‘Jihad’ on French Websites, Name Swiss Bank Account Clients and Surveil Pyongyang Newsreaders

View of downtown Pyongyang, capital of the North Korea
View of downtown Pyongyang, capital of the North Korea // Maxim Tupikov/Shutterstock.com

By Aliya Sternstein January 16, 2015
In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:
Official North Korean News Site Injects Spyware into Visitors’ Computers
DPRK’s Korean Central News Agency is serving up more than just the latest pictures of leader Kim Jong Un. “There's a little extra surprise hidden in the site's code—malware,” Ars Technica reports. The news site appears to double as a way for Pyongyang to carry out a “drive-by” attack against individuals interested in North Korean current events.

Jihadi Hackers Penetrate Hundreds of French Websites
Self-described Islamists have defaced many French websites, following the terrorist attacks against satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, by replacing their homepages with jihadist propaganda.
Thieves Pop Open United Rewards Accounts Using Stolen Passwords
Fraudulent transactions appeared on three dozen MileagePlus loyalty accounts belonging to United Airlines passengers, after hackers obtained login credentials through a third party. The login data was not encrypted.

Hackers Leak Data from Swiss Bank that Rebuffed $12K Ransom Demand
Hacking group Rex Mundi claims it has dumped identifying details on about 30,000 clients of small Swiss bank Banque Cantonale de Geneve. The financial firm declined to pay the group’s asking price for privacy: ten. thousand. euros.
(Image via Maxim Tupikov/Shutterstock.com)

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