January 29, 2015

Singapore Creates Central Agency for National Cybersecurity Operations

Singapore is tightening its cybersecurity operations with the launch of a central agency and a new minister in charge of cybersecurity, according to a report by Reuters.
Singapore’s national cybersecurity operations will be taken over by the new Cyber Security Agency (CSA) under the direction of the Prime Minister’s Office on Apr.1, 2015, Zero-Day reports. The CSA will replace the Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority (SITSA) and parts of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).
SITSA was formed in 2009 to improve Singapore’s IT security infrastructure and prevent cyber terrorism. The CSA will perform a role which includes more partnership with the private sector, policy establishment and general cybersecurity operation.

Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim has been named Minister-In-Charge of Cyber Security, and Ministry of Defense deputy secretary for technology David Koh will be the agency’s chief executive.
Zero-Day cites local media reports indicating that of the “hundreds” of technical and policy development employees of the new agency, most will be transferred from the IDA and the Ministry of Home Affairs, which had included SITSA.
Singapore suffered a breach involving over 1,500 government accounts in July, and a Prime Minister’s Office web page was hacked by Anonymous in 2013. Singapore’s government responded by announcing upgrades to its Cyber-Watch Center and skills training programs in August.
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